Resident Evil 3” was the last entry in the mainline series to arrive on the PS1. The game was considered to be a success for its story and updated mechanics. While the game is still playable today, there’s no denying that “Resident Evil 3” deserves a Remake. Since the second game is getting the remake treatment, it only seems fitting that they do the same for the third installment.

A short introduction to ‘Resident Evil 3’

Tying in with the second game, “Resident Evil 3” follows protagonist Jill Valentine on her attempt to escape the zombie-filled Raccoon City.

Having survived the mansion incident in the first game, she was more than capable of finding a way out unharmed. However, she wasn’t prepared for Nemesis Type-T – an experimental Tyrant created by Umbrella Europe with the prime purpose of killing off the remaining S.T.A.R.S members. Umbrella saw the Raccoon City incident as the perfect way to deal with the special forces division as they’ve been a major thorn in the company’s side.

Throughout the game, you’ll constantly be hunted down by this terrifying creature as it will appear when you least expect it. While the game doesn’t require you to defeat it, Nemesis drops some amazing gun parts that you can use to craft better weapons. Ultimately, Jill manages to outsmart and even kill the creature before she escapes the city.

The possibility for a remake

If ever Capcom decides to remake the game, they could make it similar to the REmake on the Gamecube. This style remains faithful to its original game and even lets fans choose between tank or normal controls. Raccoon City’s ravaged location makes the perfect setup for some good scare factors as zombies are constantly roaming the streets.

Moreover, seeing a much more realistic Nemesis should be a great treat for diehard fans of the series.

Capcom would have to make some slight changes to the overall plot and pacing of the game to keep in line with modern times. However, they should try to remain faithful to the characters in the game. Jill’s partner, Carlos, had a major role in this entry, hence why they should also keep his playable segment in the remake.

That aside, Capcom should also include new weapons to mix up Jill’s playstyle. The third game also included costumes and adding more cosmetic items would also be a welcome addition. Overall, they should keep true to the source material while giving it a more modern feel to attract new fans to the series.