The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" will feature a Nintendo Switch version coming soon and the official release date of "Monster of the Deep" VR story.

'FFXV' for the Switch soon

With the success of "Final Fantasy XV" in the video game industry this year, Square Enix looks to expand the sequel's universe by introducing new DLC stories, multiplayer mode, spin-off games, and even a PC version next year. Now the Japanese publisher looks to add the Nintendo Switch console to the "FFXV" circle as game director Hajime Tabata tease fans at Gamescom 2017 that they are planning to port the sequel to the platform soon.

"So there's another certain console out there people may be thinking of that sounds a little bit like you guys, you name, Twitch," Tabata said. " I think we'll just leave it there."

Tabata stated that nearly everyone from the "Final Fantasy XV" team loves the Nintendo Switch, which seems to indicate that the team is more receptive to the idea of developing the game for the console. While the game director's comments are convincing, it is not up to him to decide if the sequel will be ported to the Switch and he will have to wait for Square Enix and Nintendo's answer to do so.

But with the sequel coming to the PC next year, it will not be long for Square Enix to add the Switch to the "FFXV" universe.

'Monster of the Deep' launch date confirmed

Square Enix officially announced the release date of "Monster of the Deep" VR story on Nov. 21, almost one after the main game is released last year.

The virtual reality spin-off will have gamers go on a fishing trip with Noctis and the gang as they catch the rarest fishes in the world of Eos.

The VR story will have a new quest system that will allow players to earn cash and purchase better equipment ranging from rods, reels, lures, and lines. Once they caught a rare fish, they can either cook it for increased stats or sell it to earn more cash.

There are also online tournaments that will allow players to compete against each other to catch the biggest fish with professional scoring.

The game publisher will have more plans for the sequel as they will release Episode Ignis on December and possibly more character DLC stories for Ardyn Iznunia, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Cor Leonis, and Iris Amcita. There is also a new pocket edition for the iOS, Android, and Window 10 featuring chibi versions of the main cast and ten playable chapters from the original game.

The sequel is currently available on the consoles, and the PC version will launch on 2018