NBA 2K18” is gearing up for its official release date in September and it faces a possibility that this year’s cover may be outdated before it is even out in stores. However, 2K Games recently issued a statement that would address this minor issue once cover star Kyrie Irving trade to Boston Celtics becomes official.

Kyrie Irving trade imminent

Fans should not worry about possibly seeing an outdated cover for the latest iteration of the NBA 2K series if ever Kyrie will officially join Boston Celtics in the new NBA season.

Latest reports say that Cleavland Cavaliers is looking to finalize the trade deal with Boston Celtics.

Apparently, Visual Concepts and 2K Games have already thought out their plans to solve this impending issue, which will make the Celtics fans happier than anyone else to get their copies of the game.

2K working on alternate cover

In his latest interview, 2K Games Senior VP of basketball operations Jason Argent shared what the company plans to do once Kyrie Irving trade happens.

Argent revealed that the studio is working on an alternate cover that will feature Kyrie in his new Celtics jersey. That is if the basketball superstar officially leaves Cleveland Cavaliers and join his new team.

Unforeseen trading limbo

According to Argent, this unforeseen trading limbo occurs less than a month prior to the "NBA 2K18" release date.

But the good news is that 2K Games is quick to respond to it in case it pans out for Kyrie and the Boston Celtics.

Apparently, the publisher wants to keep its goal of making the basketball simulation game as authentic and realistic as possible in the video games industry. So, in this regard, a new update will eventually be available if there’s the need to show Irving sporting his Boston Celtics.

Under this plausible circumstance, the future patch will be rolled out at a later date after the game’s initial release. So, on September 19, the game will still launch with Kyrie Irving as the official cover athlete in his Cavs jersey.

Shaquille O’Neil another option to fans

The pre-order of the game is currently available in Legend Edition and Legend Edition Gold featuring Shaquille O'Neil on the cover and the Standard Edition with Kyrie Irving on the cover.

So, fans can alternatively purchase the special edition if they are bothered by the outdated cover.

So, fans can alternatively opt to purchase the special edition with Shaq on the cover if they are somewhat bothered by the outdated cover issue.

NBA 2K18” is being released for current-gen and last-gen consoles PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch.