After the increase of players motivated by the appearance of Legendary Pokemon, Pokemon Go continues to have updates and Improvements. As Tatsuo Nomura, projects manager at Niantic, recently explained to Pokémon Go Hub, they intend to focus on optimizing the inroads of the game in order to offer a more fun experience to the players. "We're not ready to make announcements yet, but improving the playability of raids is our top priority."

One of the changes could be the introduction of communication mechanisms, much demanded by users. This tool would allow better coordination during the raid battles.

Improvements in the raids

In addition to ensuring improvements in the raids, Niantic has reported an improvement of the game in the Rural Areas. The developer's customer service representative explained that they want to solve the problem quickly. The lack of Pokémon and PokeStops limits the activity in these areas, which makes it difficult to enjoy the game.

Nomura, the person responsible for development in Reddit.

Included in the list of improvements we must add the new update the game had. Niantic decided to postpone it after detecting errors in programming. "We are aware of the latent problem that affects the fighting in version 0.71.0 of Pokémon GO. We are researching to find solutions. Although this problem has only affected a small number of users, we have suspended the release of this version while we will work to offer a better experience ", explained.

"We're not ready to make announcements yet, but improving the playability of raids is our top priority right now," Nomura explains to Pokémon Go Hub.

Likewise, Nomura explained that they are working on the implementation of mechanisms to respond to complaints from rural areas, complaining about the lack of attention that Niantic provides to the most remote locations in the city.

The third Generation was discovered

A few days ago, the presence of third-generation Pokémons was discovered in the lines of the code of the game, but there is still no official statement from the company about it.

As it has been rumored, it could be that Niantic has included the third generation in this update. The Pokémon between number 252 and 386 could be about to reach Pokemon GO, although we still have a few months to find out for sure.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available. Follow us on Blasting News.