Natsume released its first feature spotlight video for their upcoming game entitled "Harvest Moon: Light of Hope." This is another title in the Harvest Moon series. The feature spotlight video features the rebuilding aspect in the game, which is one of the numerous things to do in the Harvest Moon series. Ever since Stardew Valley came out, fans were yearning for another game from Natsume company.

Now, the company teased some parts of the game through their feature spotlight video. Natsume Inc. producer named Taka mentioned why rebuilding is a must in this said game.

First, player land on an island that was ravaged by a storm. Thus, the structures, buildings, and bridges were destroyed in the process. Now, the restoration project lies in the players' hands. They need to rebuild broken structures in order to access new areas and unlock benefits in the game. Here is the feature spotlight video via Gematsu on YouTube, the original post can also be seen via Facebook:

Rebuilding is easy at first

The rebuilding process starts at an easy point at first. However, as players progress further in the game, other buildings and structures will cost more to restore. Additionally, these will cost players a larger quantity of the materials and resources needed to fully restore a broken and dilapidated structure.

Fortunately, nature is bountiful and will provide players numerous ways to gather materials such as stone and wood.

While doing so, they can also plant and farm crops, after they have cleared and tilled the land from various debris and weeds. This will provide a steady amount of income if the crops are harvested properly. Of course, players will have to be careful on what actions they should take because there is a health/energy gauge on top of the screen.

Depleting this too much will cause the character to faint or be weak. Depleting until there's nothing left will cause them to faint and be unconscious, leading to one day's rest.

Fans aren't happy about it

Numerous games now are using the latest game engines such as the Unreal Engine 4. However, Natsume Inc. seems to miss the point of improvement.

Fans are not happy about the sneak peek of the game including its graphics and interface. One of which is how the character runs and sprints. The motion is just fairly poor and it is awkward to look at. To top it off, the overall presentation is from a two-dimensional perspective and a third-person perspective combined together.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hop is coming to the PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 this fall. In addition, the release in North America will be handled by Natsume Inc. while Rising Star Games in Europe. Here is the gameplay video from NintendoGalaxy on YouTube: