It looks like Kingdom Hearts 3 is being considered for launch on PC and Nintendo Switch after its official release on Xbox One and PS4 in 2018. This piece of good news came from game director Tetsuya Nomura who said that the release of the game on other platforms is on the cards.

PC and Nintendo Switch port plausible?

In his interview with Weekly Famitsu, Nomura revealed that the company has planned a PC and Nintendo Switch port for the third main installment in the series.

This is contrary to initial reports that the game will only arrive on Nintendo Switch, but Nomura clarified that all platforms, meaning, including PC, are likely to happen.

He pointed out that when he mentioned “considering, others took it as a possibility of release and then it spread quickly.

The game director went on to say that “other hardware” doesn’t only mean Nintendo Switch and said that the company will consider all the platforms available after the game hits PS4 and Xbox One versions next year.

Development delay explained

In a separate report, the game director also shed light on the real reason behind the delay in the release of “Kingdom Hearts 3.” It took four long years for fans to finally see the KH Orchestra and the D23 Expo gameplay trailers after its announcement at E3 2013.

Nomura revealed that the decision of the company was to use an external engine.

The team has to switch using Unreal Engine 4 in the game’s development that apparently caused the delay woes.

He further said that it hurt him when he heard lots of people criticizing that he was taking too much time, without even knowing the reason for such things.

But for PC users, the decision of switching to the Unreal Engine 4 could mean more – a PC port will be quite easy for Nomura’s team.

More interesting tidbits

The game director also asked fans to stay tuned for the next follow-up report on when exactly the game will arrive in 2018.

The Toy Story world is not a parallel world and takes place after “Toy Story 2.” Pixar was amazed at how superb the visual quality of Woody and other characters look in the game.

In addition, the number of Disney worlds included in “Kingdom Hearts 3” is lesser than in the second main title, however, each new world is bigger as well as the gameplay.

The "Big Hero Six" world is also making smooth progress, although it will take some time before fans can lay their eyes on it.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” release date will fall within 2018 and will initially launch on the Xbox One and PS4.