Recently, “Destiny 2” was announced to be playable on PC. This made most of the Steam users excited as they expected that Bungie would choose Steam as the online service operator of “Destiny 2.” However, fans are shocked as Bungie announced that the game would only be playable on Blizzard only.

There are rumors that the game might still enter Steam, as there was a recent leak of an in-game purchase of “Destiny” on the online service operator. However, the company seems to clarify everyone that they have already decided the only location of “Destiny 2.”

Bungie has no plans on releasing 'Destiny 2' on Steam

It is still questionable why Bungie decided to put the game on Blizzard

It is known that Steam has been one of the highly used online service operators for a long time. It also has the highest users compared to Blizzard There are rumors that Bungie doesn't want overly crowded servers as it may damage the whole game.

However, some players believed that “Destiny 2” will be much healthier if it was put on Steam. It is known that Steam released the in-game currency of “Destiny,” which is called Silver. However, the community manager of Bungie, David Dague, recently confirmed that it was all just an error. He also confirmed that Bungie and Steam will make sure that every user that bought the Silver on Steam will be able to get back their money. Dague also said that Bungie is with Blizzard and the company will never release the game on any other online service operators.

'Destiny' might still have a chance on Steam

Even though Bungie is completely sure that they will only release “Destiny 2” on Blizzard, it is still a question how did Steam manage to release its in-game currency. Some fans believed that Steam might actually acquire the game in the future. Steam might also be a reserved online service operator for the game, as it might fail in Blizzard

However, David Dague's confirmation is only about “Destiny 2.”

This made players think that “Destiny” is the game that is going to be released on Steam and not its sequel. Even though “Destiny” might lose a lot of players when its sequel got released, it is believed that it will earn a lot of players once it is acquired by Steam.

It will also be a good step for Bungie as it will keep “Destiny” alive. At this point of time, there is no announcement whether “Destiny” will be available on Steam. The only clue right now is the in-game currency that was released in the online service operator.