"Overwatch" Summer Games event is finally live, and even though it's still too early to talk about the potential feedback, it seems that players are going to love it! Beside Lucioball, one of the favorite arcade modes in the game, Blizzard has given us many new cosmetic items. Players will have a few weeks to obtain all-new sprays, highlight intros, emotes, voice lines and skins.

Speaking of skins, the game developer has done a great job to give us new look for our favorite heroes. Most of them are beach-inspired and they just look sensational. Last year's Summer Games event was incredible and most players loved the new skins, but this year it might be even better.

In this article, you are able to see the new legendary skins Blizzard made for the Summer Games event. These skins can be obtained either through new loot boxes or through the in-game store. In you want to buy it through the store, you will need 3,000 credits. The game developer will once again make the old Summer Games skins available and they will cost fewer credits. For example, a legendary Summer Games skin from last year's event will cost only 1,000 credits.

New 'Overwatch' skins

In the most recent update, Blizzard showed some love to Junkrat, McCree, Mercy, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Sombra and Windowmaker. All these characters received new legendary skins and all of them look very impressive!

While paying 3,000 credits for a skin seems too much, these skins are definitely worth it.

Don't believe me? Check them out below!

Côte d'Azur Widowmaker

Widowmaker received a Summer Games skin last year as Blizzard introduced her Tricolore skin. This year, the sniper will receive a legendary skin that's beach-themed. This will be Windowmaker's seventh legendary skin in the game.

Tulum Sombra

Even though Sombra was released in November last year, Blizzard hasn't added any new legendary skins for this hacking hero. Finally, things have changed as Sombra got a fresh new look!

Cricket Junkrat

Junkrat is another hero that hasn't received many new legendary skins in the game, but Blizzard is working on changing that.

The game developer introduced his sixth legendary skin in the latest update and it looks amazing!

Grillmaster: 76

Even soldiers have to take some time off and Soldier: 76 is not an exception to this! This hero will also receive a new look and it will have a fancy name too. Furthermore, the hero will get a new healing station that looks like a soda can!

Lifeguard McCree

While he is best known for gunning down his enemies, McCree can also save lives. Summer Games brings the new look for this hero as well and it looks nothing like his other skins.

Biker Reaper

It seems that Blizzard decided to give new looks to many offense heroes, and Reaper is also included.

Winged Victory Mercy

Mercy probably got the most amazing skin in this update. Her new look seems to be inspired by Ancient Greece, and it's simply fantastic and a must-have for all Mercy mains!