Mega Knight is the next of the four legendary cards coming to “clash royale” very soon. Surprisingly, Supercell announced today that the Mega Knight challenge will be live starting this weekend.

Mega Knight Challenge

In a Twitter post, the game developer invites the loyal gamers of “Clash Royale” to join the Mega Knight Challenge that will run on August 26 and 27. In this special in-game event, gamers can get their chance to win this powerful new legendary card that has a force of 1,000 mustaches.

Addition of new cards

The Mega Knight is the second of the four new cards slated to arrive in the hit tower rush mobile video game.

The other three cards include the Canon Cart, the Flying Machine (balloon canon), and the Skeletal barrel.

The Canon Card is already available in the game while Mega Knight is said to arrive in 18 days, which will fall around the first or second week of September.

“Clash Royale” currently has the Knight as one of the most powerful cards available to gamers. It costs cheap but it brings a lot of damage and has a high health that it is touted as an essential “tank” troop.

But the Mega Knight is even more powerful as it is a combination of the Knight and the Bandit cards. It can jump around the arena, bringing some heavy damage each time he lands and with every smash.

Contrary to the Knight, the Mega Knight can create a hole in the gamer’s pocket.

They will need to pay 7 Elixir in order to unlock the new legendary card.

Free Magical Chests

Meanwhile, Supercell is currently offering two Magical Chests for free that give each of the gamers a chance to unlock a legendary card. Two of these chests usually cost $15 in real world currency, so, it is something that players shouldn’t miss.

The offer will only last until August 25, so, now is the best time for those who haven’t claimed the free Magical Chests yet. They might get lucky to win a legendary in one of the chests or even in both.

Return of 2v2 mode

Here’s some more good news. The fan favorite 2v2 mode makes its return to the game and this time, it will be up not just for a month but for an entire year.

This game mode became a popular feature that lets two players to fight another two in an online match.

What’s coming next?

After the game developer rolled out the August update that brought in a host of balancing changes and improvements, it is expected that another big update is coming in September.

The next one will reportedly bring new game modes, special challenges, and more troops in “Clash Royale.”