Just recently, fans have been sent into a frenzy as rumors about a "Game of Thrones" video game from Bethesda surfaced. The said video game was discussed in an internet forum where it was spotted by a NeoGAF user, it was said to have been seen in a listing on Target's website. Bethesda, the video game developer, had earned a reputation for producing highly-acclaimed titles such as 'Fallout' and 'The Elder Scrolls series,' a "Game of Thrones" video game will be way up their alley. With years of fantasy and adventure RPGs under their belt, Bethesda is well-positioned and is more than able to produce such a game.

Familiar ground

Bethesda is not new to dragons and fantasy, the highly-acclaimed action role-playing open world fantasy series of 'The Elder Scrolls' revolves around the same mystical and medieval tone. 'The Elder Scrolls' series has a multitude of fantasy-based and mythical creatures, with magic and sorcery and walled medieval cities and strongholds, the characters in the "Game of Thrones" could well call the continent of Tamriel home.

Bethesda, at one point, was offered to make an open world Game of Thrones video game but they chose to make 'Skyrim' instead. Todd Howard has disclosed information about the opportunity back in 2011 in an interview. Howard mentioned that he and his team liked GoT and were even approached by people to convert the books into a playable open world game.

Apparently, the guys at Bethesda wanted to focus their time and effort into making a game of their own. The offer was tempting, as the books have a well-written storyline and plots suited for an epic open world RPG. Both 'Skyrim' and Game of Thrones managed to become big financial properties since then, with the GoT series amassing a huge fan base willing pay loads of cash to play GoT.

A hoax

According to Forbes, seemingly, Target's pages can sometimes be spoofed as another listing came up as a GoT project from Rockstar Games. Target's spokesperson announced to the disappointment of many GoT fans that the listing was not a real product and apologized for the confusion caused by the said listing. Fans are hopeful that this could spark negotiations between the people behind GoT and 'The Elder Scrolls' series.

Fans are hopeful that this could spark negotiations between the people behind GoT and 'The Elder Scrolls' series.

A game about a highly profitable property doesn't seem to be a bad idea. The developers and publishers will have a sure number of a fan base ready to purchase the game as soon as it hits stores. The hype for a GoT game could even equal that of the MayMac fight. Bethesda will have no problem living up to GoT's established fame as making a video game of this standing is pretty much their cup of tea.