A new map for Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter title is currently making headlines online. The Favela map is an “Overwatch” inspired location created by a fan. Beautifully crafted, the map could potentially inspire the game developer in designing the game’s future map.

Favela map

Overwatch” has a sufficient number of maps in the game, which is regularly updated with content. Blizzard revealed Widowmaker’s namesake in the game dubbed as the Chateau Guillard. Aside from that, a recent datamining activity uncovered a voiceline suggesting that a new map called Junkertown will possibly be released in the game.

The game developer has also a scheduled activity in the Gamescom where it will reveal a new map along with a new animated short.

One player uploaded a beautiful map on YouTube that could inspire Blizzard in terms of future map designs. Dubbed Favela, the map was made using Unreal Engine 4 and is set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The video shows the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in the distance, with the urban landscape full of multicolored buildings. A soccer pitch can also be seen in the video, highlighting their passion for the popular sport.

Aside from the colors, the video has a lively beat at the background underlining that Samba is popular in this place. There are several scenes that show perfect spots of numerous ledges that sniping heroes can take a position.

Doomfist can also work well in the Favela using his famous Rocket Punch. So far, the video has over 80,000 views on YouTube and is currently being shared across various social media outlets. You can check out the videos below.

The Favela creator, Joshua Llorente has received positive feedback for his work. Interestingly, Llorente is just a self-taught 3D artist.

Several fans admiring his work are urging the artist to submit an application to Blizzard since the game developer is currently looking for artists. His most recent work could be his possible ticket for the job. Meanwhile, it could be a potential map in the game and could introduce it so players could experience Brazil. Lucio could be perfect here.

Gamescom 2017

Blizard has already confirmed that it will announce a new map for “Overwatch” at the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany on August 21. Aside from that, it will also release a new animated short, which is scheduled on August 23. Fans are speculating that the map could be Junkertown and the animated short would be about the Australian Junkers.