Over the past few years, “Dota 2 has developed a bad reputation for having some of the most toxic players in the gaming community. It’s no secret that “Dota 2” has a very complicated gameplay that requires a tremendous amount of time and effort to understand the core mechanics. Learning the ropes demands a helping hand. Unfortunately, it's elitist community is another part of obstacle you’d have to put up with. “Dota 2” is a game that’s quite notorious for its vicious players, particularly towards Newbies who are prone to commit mistakes.

Fortunately, Valve decided to make a move to fix this problem with a few tweaks in their latest update.

Limited hero pool

In their official website, “Dota 2” devs explained the main features that the Newcomers in the game would receive. The first feature limits new accounts to a pool of 20 heroes during their first 25 games. These 20 heroes are specially curated for new players who are just learning the basics.

This means that this specific selection of heroes is proven to be very successful in teaching the players the core ideas of the game. New players can now enjoy learning the game without worrying about accidentally picking complicated heroes only meant for hardened veterans like Invoker, Techies, and Arc Warden.

Match-made in heaven

The second feature for the newcomers is the matchmaking tweak.

The new players are now more likely to get matched with players that possess high behavioral scores. This will now ensure a better first-time experience because new players are now more prone to encounter friendlier veterans during their learning phase.

“Dota 2” has been focusing on streamlining the game in their recent updates, making the minute details a lot simpler so that the players can focus on more important things without getting over-cumbered by unnecessary micromanagement.

A few item tooltips and interface changes recently proved to be extremely helpful with clarifying vague details like ability descriptions, damage types, target types, and even the simple detail regarding which ability can pierce through immunity.

“Dota 2” is one of the most complex games released in the past few years. And with tons of details, mechanics, strategies, and heroes to learn, it’s definitely something that can’t be mastered overnight. Unlike other games, “Dota 2” requires you to invest hundreds up to thousands of hours in order to improve.