The latest updates for "Injustice 2" will feature Hellboy and Raiden as playable characters in the DLC pack 2 and fans want Spawn added to the sequel.

DLC pack 2 confirmed on Gamescom 2017

NetherRealm Studios streamed a new game trailer for "Injustice 2" announcing the next batch of playable fighters in the sequel's second DLC pack. The trailer starts with the first DLC characters: Red Hood, Starfire, and Sub-Zero battered and defeated in an undisclosed area. Viewers soon found out that all-three characters were wiped out by "Mortal Kombat" character Raiden as Black Manta appears from the waterfall and attacks the Thunder God by firing rockets from his suit.

Raiden was able to dodge that attack by teleporting and an unknown figure caught one of the rockets. It turns out Hellboy was in the area and used Manta's rocket to smoke his cigarette. The trailer ends with three being available on the games Ultimate Edition and Fighters Pack 2, and Black Manta's gameplay will be featured on Aug. 27.

Black Manta and Raiden have been the subject of numerous rumors and speculations for "Injustice 2's" DLC pack and NetherRealm has answered all of their lingering questions. Black Manta is the archenemy of Aquaman in the DC comics and he first appeared in the game as part of Atlantis' stage transition. Raiden is the third "Mortal Kombat" character to appear in the DC fighting game alongside Scorpion and Sub-Zero, and there are rumors that Cyrax will join them in the game soon.

The most surprising appearance in the DLC pack 2 was the inclusion of Hellboy as there have been no reports about the demonic hero being pitched as a playable character. The game publisher confirmed that Black Manta will be added to the roster next month.

Spawn as a DLC fighter?

With NetherRealms Studios announcement of the DLC Pack 2, gaming fans are still clamoring over the idea that Spawn will appear in"Injustice 2" as there still a third DLC pack coming to the game.

Game producer Ed Boon did a character poll last year asking the fans which guest character they would like to add to the roster aside from "Mortal Kombat" fighters. The majority of the vote went to Spawn and fans have been waiting for his appearance in the sequel ever since.

There are also numerous DC characters who are possible candidates for the game's DLC such as The Atom, John Constantine, Azrael, Katana, Ra's al Ghul, Booster Gold, Red Tornado, Captain Atom, Rorschach, and Doctor Manhattan.

"Injustice 2" is currently available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.