Earlier this week, Nintendo announced the release of a free Demo game for the upcoming 'Pokkén tournament DX' (Pokkén Tournament Deluxe). A much anticipated, highly-acclaimed, fighting video game from developer Bandai Namco Studios and publisher The Pokémon Company. The game is an enhanced port of an earlier Pokémon title 'Pokkén Tournament' that was originally released for the Wii U system.

The game aims to leverage the versatility of the Switch hardware that will allow players to take on local versus battles through the use of either Joy-Con controllers.

The game also makes use of Nintendo Switch's portability, players can now battle other Pokémon fans with the use of two hand held Switch consoles where they can set up online matches. Players and fans remain excited as they wait for the game to hit Nintendo Switch on September 22, most fans are eager to get a first-hand experience through the game's playable demo.

That was fast

Like Pikachu's lightning fast attacks, Nintendo delivered its promise of a playable demo just days after its announcement. These guys weren't kidding when they used the word "soon," the game demo hits the Nintendo eShop 2 AM EST/9 PM PST in North America, though Pokémon fans in Europe will have to wait until tomorrow to download the playable demo.

The improved version of the original Wii U game will feature new Pokémon characters like Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk and Decidueye, the final evolution of the Pokémon Rowlet.

A game changer

The arrival of the Nintendo Switch console marked the beginning of a new era in video games. It allowed players to easily transition from portable to fixed with the use of Switch's console dock.

Switch's Joy-Con controllers gave way to motion controls as seen in the recently launched trailer of 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' as the open world action role-playing video game ports to Nintendo Switch. A huge leap, 'Skyrim' players will now be able to shoot arrows, attack with their swords, and block with their shields, all with the use of the Joy-Cons.

In Pokkén, Nintendo Switch featured new game modes: a 3v3 team battle, an online ranked play, and friend only group matches. The enhanced port will include a mixture of old and new generation Pokémon. 'Pokkén Tournament DX' is a fighting game like no other, the original 'Pokkén Tournament' for Wii is even part of a prestigious invitation-only Pokémon event for the best TCG, VGC and 'Pokkén Tournament.'