The next DLC characters for “Injustice 2” will be revealed next week during the celebrity showdown at the Gamescom. Warner Bros. Interactive announced today that the Fighter Pack 2, which contains the next set of fighters of the game, will be unveiled during the Fight to Death showdown.

Fight to Death

Next week, two celebrities will fight head to head at the Gamescom. DJ Steve Aoki and Don Diablo will battle starting 11 AM British Standard Time of 6 AM Eastern Standard Time on a celebrity showdown that will go down on PlayStation 4. Whoever wins three matches in the game will be declared the winner.

Fans can see the whole event through via Twitch livestream. The fight is also available on NetherRealm’ Twitch channel.

The fight will donate $5,000 to the Aoki Foundation, which was founded by DJ Steve Aoki. The foundation aims to find advances in Brain Science by funding research in brain preservation and regenerative medicine. Aside from this, the foundation also backs humanitarian causes that are close to its founder’s heart. This includes animal rights, disaster relief, and developmental disabilities.

Next three characters

The Fighter Pack 2 will contain the next three DLC characters that will be released in the game. Among the heavily speculated character that will be included in the second batch is Black Mantra.

There were several clues in the past that have fans conclude the fighter will be revealed next. There were two silhouettes that were previously teased. Fans are claiming that it could be Black Mantra and Raiden from the recognizable shapes that were seen in the image.

Aside from Black Mantra and Raiden, Spawn has been one of the top bet to be one the next three DLC characters.

There is a theory that whatever name the game creator mentioned will be the next character that will be released in the game. According to this theory, in one of Ed Boon’s interview, he mentioned that Starfire and Red Hood were among the highly requested fighters to be included in the list. And so currently, both characters have been released in the game.

Interestingly, Boon dropped another Black Mantra’s name in one of his previous interviews.

Aside from the name dropping, another potential angle for predicting the upcoming character in the game is through the poll NetherRealm conducted before the game was officially launched. The poll revealed who among the characters most players are interested playing with. In the poll, a couple of names ranked on top, Sub-Zero and Spawn. Who do you think are the characters contained in the Fighter Pack 2 of “Injustice 2?”