Ed Boon has another cryptic image posted today that sparked interest among fans of ‘Injustice 2.’ After the reveal of Starfire, heavy speculations surfaced online on the potential heroes or villains that will be introduced as the new DLC character in the game. The image that the game director shared is hinting on another character from “Mortal Kombat.”

Cryptic Image

On Twitter, NetherRealm Studios’ game director Ed Boon tweeted an image of what looks like a yellow armor or suit. There is no text or anything that would describe the image. While Boon did not say or confirm anything, it is always fun to decipher the hidden message.

With the metal-looking yellow suit, the best match for the image is the robotic killer from the “Mortal Kombat” franchise, Cyrax. The character was first introduced in the third game installment of “Mortal Kombat.” He was one of the trios that made up the cybernetic ninjas built by Lin Kuei. Among the three, Cyrax appears to be the one skilled in Hand-to-Hand Combat. His counterparts are Smoke and Sektor.

In the game, he was tasked to track down Sub-Zero. He is currently connected with Jax Briggs and Sonya Blade who saved and helped him to pull his humanity back. However, in the 2011 version of MK, Cyrax obediently works for the Lin Kuei.

Skills and abilities

As a robotic assassin, Cyrax is loaded with expertise in martial arts particularly in Ninjutsu as well as the use of weapons.

He has a massive range of weapons concealed on his chest cavity intended to debilitate and annihilate his target. He also has explosives that appear to never run out of supply.

Many fans speculate that the image could be hinting about the next DLC character in the game. It will not be any more surprising if NetherRealm Studios will one day reveal that Cyrax will be included in the game’s roster of characters.

While Ed boon did not reveal anything yet, it is worth noting that a week ago at the San Diego Comic-Con 2017; he was quoted saying that the team is gearing for the release of the second DLC pack of “Injustice 2.” Most likely, Cyrax could be a part of this upcoming downloadable content.

Other potential DLC characters

There were previous speculations claiming that the next three characters that would be introduced in “Injustice 2” include Constantine, Spawn, and Static. So far, these are all speculations, and nothing is confirmed yet until a confirmation from Ed Boon or NetherRealm has been released.