Blizzard Entertainment recently released a new update for the game “Overwatch.” The 2.17 update only contains minor bug fixes and user interface changes. The update was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The most noticeable change for players will be the addition of real time statistics for Network Ping, Network Interpolation Delay, and Network Round Trip Time.

Minor bug fixes

The fixed bugs include the issue that caused Reinhardt’s charge to push other characters through walls. Several players have been complaining about the said bug for a long time, luckily Blizzard Entertainment noticed the players complaints.

The bug that allowed Sombra to reach unintended locations on Anubis is also fixed.

One of the most annoying bugs that have been fixed is Doomfist’s Meteor Strike area-of-effect circle visibility. Now, all players can see Doomfist’s Meteor Strike area-of-effect. There are also some minor fixes on the arcade, like the issue that allowed the ball to fall through the ground during a Lúcioball match and the bug that prevented players from grouping up in competitive Lúcioball.

New Chateau Guillard map

Blizzard Entertainment launched two new kill-only modes in “Overwatch” Public Test Region. The modes are Team Deathmatch and a free-for-all Deathmatch. The Public Test Region will only be available to Windows PC platform.

There will also be new maps added to the game such as Chateau Guillard. The said map is the Widowmaker’s family estate. Chateau Guillard will be full of traps, mazes, and open areas. The new map would bring a new challenge to veteran players.

Players can find jump pads on the Chateau Guillard map, which they can use to navigate the map easily.

The jump pads will allow players to jump high. Players can also use the jump pads in numerous ways. Players should watch out for steep drop-offs and cramped basements.

Two upcoming modes explained

In the free-for-all deathmatch mode, “Overwatch” players should try to get as many points as possible by killing enemies. Players will face seven challengers.

The first player to reach twenty points will win the game. The top four players of the free-for-all mode can also acquire points through an arcade loot box.

However, in the team deathmatch mode, six characters will be forming a team. The first team that can reach thirty points will win. Players should take note that using Mercy's resurrection ability will take kills away from the other team's point count.