More DLC Costumes are coming in “Street Fighter V” later this month. Capcom recently announced that there will be four new get-ups that will be released to celebrate the 30Th Anniversary of the series.

New costumes

“Street Fighter V” fans are in for another treat from Capcom. Starting August 29, players will be able to dress up their favorite characters with new threads. Among the characters that will be receiving new outfits include M.Bison, Guile, Ibuki, and Karin. Each of this costume retails for $4.

Since its official release, the game developer has been rolling out on a regular basis DLC costumes.

In July, the game received Retro outfits for Alex, Juri, and Ibuki along with Ryu’s classic stage. Alex costume made him appear like he had undergone a major overhaul. He is garbed in green jeans that seem to be less ripped compared to his old jeans. Ibuki appears to be more rugged than her usual outfit. Juri’s costume was inspired by the game’s fourth installment. The company also released sporty outfits for Rashid, Ibuki, and Laura in July.

Paid mods

Meanwhile, Capcom appears to be cracking down on paid mods in the fifth game installment. The information came from two modders who have received take down notices from the company. Brutal Ace and Khaledantar666 received the notice from the company asking them to discontinue charging players for their mods.

Brutal Ace noted that he once offered early access to his free mods through Patreon and that was the only instance. On the other hand, Khaledantar666 charges players up to $50 for some of its mods.

Modding uses copyrighted materials and it is illegal to charge people for this kind of products. Brutal Ace and Khaledantar666 have been regularly adding other franchises to their mods.

Chun-li was given a Wonder Woman re-skin and Cammy costume was derived from “Nier: Automata.” These modders became more popular for their more indecent creations, which offered bikini-clad and nude mods.

Khaledantar666 Patreon page has been taken down. However, in his last post, he said that all services that were already paid would still be delivered through email.

Both Brutal Ace and Khaledantar666 said that they will continue to post mods for free. However, Khaledantar666 has provided Paypal links to his page in DeviantArt.

Latest DLC character

Meanwhile, “Street Fighter V” received the latest addition to its roster of fighters. Abigail was the latest addition to the game that appeared in “Final Fight” series of Capcom. He was released with his home stage that was retail for $4.