The Bizarro premier skin has finally arrived in Injustice 2 after game developer NetherRealm studios dropped a teaser photo of Superman’s zombie clone last weekend.

The Bizarro skin turns Superman into his undead doppelganger and with a flipped S signature on his costume and cape. There are also notable changes in his power. For example, he torches his foes with flames instead of freezing them into ice and the lasers coming from his eyes appear like an ice attack rather than solar beams.

Just like other premier skins, players need to shell out 6,000 source crystals to get it or that is equivalent to $3 USD in real currency.

Cyrax tease

Meanwhile, Fans of the DC superheroes fighting title are super-excited to find out who will be the next three DLC characters coming in DLC pack 2, also known as Fighter Pack 2. Ed Boon teased back at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) that the studio is currently working on the reveal trailer of the next three characters that will bring a big surprise to the fans.

While players want their own wishlist of characters to join the brawl party, Boon tweeted another tease on Twitter. The new photo showed an armor and a tech, and fans immediately deduced that it belonged to Cyrax, another “Mortal Kombat” character.

The photo was simply captioned with a thinking smiley but his followers have always taken his teases as a clue to what’s coming next in the game.

So, it is plausible that Cyrax could be one of the three DLC characters in the next pack.

Fans’ mixed reactions

Hardcore gamers of the Injustice franchise already had an inkling that a character from MK universe would crossover in the sequel as the first title featured the MK classic character, Scorpion.

So, the addition of Sub-zero was not quite a surprise but they expect that he will be the first and last.

However, silhouettes of secret DLC characters that hinted the addition of Raiden in the game suggests otherwise. Now, with Cyrax tease coming from Boon, fans are baffled about whether they’re getting Cyrax instead of Raiden while others think that they will likely get both of them.

However, most players opposed the idea of another addition of an MK character, pointing out that "Injustice 2" is not an MK game. Some want to see Hawkgirl or Hawkman thrown into the mix or any other character from a DC property to be aptly included in the Warner Bros. game.

"Injustice 2" is available on Xbox One and PS4 and is set to receive Starfire DLC this August.