A new image of Black Manta in “Injustice 2” has been revealed recently. Players are expecting to get a glimpse of the DC villain during the launch of its gameplay, which is allegedly scheduled for August 27. However, with the new image making rounds online, it appears that the In-game look of the DLC character has already been unveiled ahead of its launch.

Latest post

NetherRealm Studios creative director Ed Boon has a habit of posting cryptic posts and images about “Injustice 2.” In fact, his posts have been the source of the many speculations among fans.

On his official Twitter account, the game’s creative director shared an in-game image of the soon-to-be-released DLC character Black Manta.

The image shows a fight between Swamp Thing and Black Manta. It seems like Swamp Thing is trying to evade the laser shots fired by the upcoming DLC character. His gesture in the image appears like he is executing a dance move. On the other hand, Black Manta is garbed in his traditional suit and laser coming from his helmet’s eyes. In the reveal trailer, fans only got to see the rockets spawned from his shoulder-mounted launchers.

Abilities and weapons

While the rockets were revealed, his moves or abilities were not shown.

At this point, it is unknown whether those rockets will be available in the game or if they will be exclusive to its Ultimate. There are three clues about the character that might indicate the type of fighter Black Manta will be in the game.

In the image shared by creative director Ed Boon, the character is seen firing a laser beam from its helmet.

The shot was projected at a downward angle. Most likely, there is another ability where the character can project the shot at a much higher angle. In addition, in the reveal trailer, Black Manta was shown to have rocket launchers. Lastly, at the end of the trailer, the DC villain is seen carrying a long rifle.


Another character that made the fans excited when it was revealed was Hellboy.

Although he has been seen many times with Batman and other DC characters, the World Destroyer is not from DC Universe. However, his inclusion to the roster of characters in the game is too awesome to most fans that they would rather disregard the issue of Hellboy being a non-DC character.

So far, NetherRealm Studios has not yet given any specific release date for the DLC characters of the Fighter Pack 2. Most likely, “Injustice 2” fans can get their hands on Black Manta first in September. Raiden and Hellboy will follow soon after.