Rockstar Games continues to fulfill its promise to bring a wealth of additional updates for “Gta 5 Online” with a new DLC coming in fall. Now that summer is almost over, the game developer offers a preview of free contents to expect in the remaining months of 2017.

The Smuggler’s Run update is set to launch as one big expansion this year for “GTA 5 Online.” But Rockstar Games also revealed that a free update will be ready for release in autumn. It will introduce a new game mode similar to a marquee feature of “The Crew 2”, a racing video game from Ubisoft slated for release in 2018.

Transform Races mode

This new mode called Transform Races will appear to be a defining addition to the insanely popular 2013 open-world adventure title. As the name suggests, this mode will allow one transportation mode to completely transform into another vehicle type – from boats to cars or aircraft at a push of a button.

However, it does not only mean changing one car into another four-wheeled vehicle or simply an improvement in performance. For example, a jet ski can turn into a car when passing through some checkpoints placed along a race’s course and the vehicle class will transform based on what the next location would be part of.

New contents and holiday-themed events

Apart from the impending addition of Transform Races mode, the studio also promises additional new contents are coming in the next update.

This fall, gamers will also enjoy some customizable aircraft, more cars, and new Adversary modes.

They can look forward to several holiday-themed updates that have been released traditionally in the game each year. These include some in-game events in celebration of the Halloween and other special occasions like Thanksgiving as well as Christmas in December.

Apparently, all these incoming features will follow the next big expansion in the Online mode of “GTA 5.” Smuggler’s Run update is set to launch on August 29 with a massive selection of customizable aircraft, new missions, and a lot more.

On its official website, Rockstar Games is inviting all the loyal “GTA 5” players to share their thoughts and suggestions on what they want to see next in the game.

In its latest post, the developer mentioned how the feedback it continually receives from the gaming community has helped the development team in tweaking and improving under-the-hood adjustments with each update.

GTA 5 Online” is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.