The highly anticipated first major expansion of “Horizon Zero Dawn” is finally arriving just in time for the winter. The Frozen Wilds DLC was first revealed during E3 2017. Today, Guerilla Games announced that players will finally get their hands on the first game expansion starting November 7, 2017.

The Frozen Wilds expansion

The Frozen Wilds DLC follows a story-based DLC that will bring the title’s main character, Aloy to the violent yet beautiful winter-themed North. As revealed in the teaser trailer of the expansion, those who dare to journey in the northern regions can hunt for the deadly machines that inhabit the place.

However, the game’s main protagonist is venturing to find answers. Moreover, Aloy would like to get to The Mountain secured by deadly monsters.

While there are speculations that the expansion will feature an all new humanoid or robot that players will encounter for the first time in the game. According to several claims, the robot appears to have wide shoulders, a small body, and a big belly with a small head. Others are claiming that the description would very well fit to that of a bear. This could be possible since the Yellowstone area has a lot of bears. Aside from the bear, other fans claim that the description could also fit with a Gigantic Gorilla with a big belly. Allegedly, this mechanized ape will have claws instead of fingers.


Horizon Zero Dawn” is set in Colorado area of the Rocky Mountains. In other words, the setting of the expansion is in Wyoming, in the area of Yellowstone National Park. In the trailer, a shot of the Grand Prismatic Spring confirms this setting. It means that The Mountain the players' visits could be a part of the ancient caldera in the Yellowstone.

This is a massive underground magma reservoir.

According to previous speculations, the location is called Ban-ur, which is a native land of the Banuk located on the north side of the Sacred Lands and the Sundom. The term Ban-ur is familiar to the players. There were several times in the past that this term has been mentioned.

Other details

The first major expansion will cost players $20/£16/AU$30. However, for PlayStation Plus members, they can now purchase the expansion on PSN at a discounted price. For Plus members the DLC will be available for only $15/£14.39/AU$27. Moreover, for those who pre-order the expansion, they will get a special Banuk Aloy avatar that can be used at PSN. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for the upcoming The Frozen Wild expansion of the “Horizon Zero Dawn” below.