“Horizon: Zero Dawn” stars Aloy, which is on a journey of vengeance, self-discovery, and just trying to survive this post-apocalyptic Earth. In this video game, players will be facing different kinds of gigantic robot dinosaurs and animals called machines that could become a threat against the heroine. Here are some simple yet essential tips on how to survive this world and also hunt these giant machines.

Always check surroundings

Before entering a new area of the video game, players are always advised to check the surroundings with Aloy’s gadget.

This nifty little gadget called Focus allows her to detect machines nearby, and that saves her life from getting jumped on by enemies. With a few more upgrades, it will also unlock other abilities as well that will help in her journey like detecting weaknesses.

Always craft traps, tripwires, explosives

Machines have different kinds of weaknesses to different traps in this video game, which is why you should bring out the essential traps and weapons. Arming these items with the elements that these machines are weak of will definitely raise Aloy's rate of survival. They will be able to hunt these large machines properly too without wasting too much effort.

I personally use the ropecaster weapon in hunting down a large machine because it can pin them down to the ground.

Crafting the ammo for this weapon will be essential because a good amount of it will be needed to properly pin down a large one.

Tear apart its armor first before throwing in explosives

The most important part of hunting large machines in “Horizon: Zero Dawn” is tearing apart their armor that can take on a lot of damage. If you just throw in your explosives with the armor still on, these giants will only make things worse for Aloy.

What you must do is pin them down or paralyze the enemy first, and then tear apart the armor with its weakness.

When the soft parts of the giant machines are exposed, you can now throw in big explosives for maximum impact. Repeat the process as many as possible if necessary until the beast is taken down.

Always defeat the little bodyguards first

Before going in for the big machine hunt, you must first take down the little ones that could easily damage you when the main battle happens. These annoying machines will cripple you in the long run and it might even lead to killing Aloy in the process. It is a priority to eliminate or lessen the number of these annoying pests first before taking on the big one.

Always craft and carry restoratives at the ready

Getting hit by these large machines will definitely take away a large chunk of Aloy’s HP in “Horizon: Zero Dawn.” Always craft and bring all of the important restorative items before a big hunt and also bring some ingredients in case you run out and need to craft one.

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