Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius” is a mobile game developed by Gumi and published by Square Enix. This is a recent game that I have been playing due to its characters that I can summon from different “Final Fantasyseries. Here are some of my simple Tips And Tricks to remember when trying out this game for the first time.

Make your main team first

The first problem that you will face in playing this mobile game is the numerous characters that you can summon from different series, which are called Visions. The more characters you summon to help you, the harder it will be for you to level up all of them because bonuses will be limited.

The best way to do this is to create your main team first and only have the characters that you like -- preferably those that have beneficial bonus stats.

It is recommended to have characters that have six stars of rarity, which have higher stats, better bonus skills, devastating offensive abilities, and limit breaks. Other players prefer Orlandu as their team leader due to his overpowering limit break and offensive skills. Do not forget to have at least one supporting character to bolster defenses, heal dying characters, and revive them when needed.

Characters with high magic points and several black magic spells are also recommended. There are certain conditions that need elemental damage, which these characters are perfect for.

They also deal high damage to enemies, especially if they are weak against that particular element.

Get the bundles with crystals as payment

Microtransactions are also available in “Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius,” but it is only optional for those who want to have quick in-game money and crystals. The bundles are the recommended items to purchase because they have numerous items bundled together with energy packs, rare summon tickets, and more.

As much as possible, only get the ones that can be paid for with crystals because it will save you a lot of cash.

Save up a lot of rare summon tickets first

Before summoning more “Final Fantasy” characters, players should save up a lot of rare summon tickets first. They can use these tickets when a certain series is being offered, with a higher chance of getting rare characters.

They might get lucky and get a rainbow crystal, which will summon the highest ranking character with high stats and great abilities.

Spend all energy on special events first

Special events are announced every week and it will focus on certain “Final Fantasyseries with special equipment as rewards. When these events appear, players should use all of their energy to get all of the important gear that will drop, like rare weapons, helmets, armor, rare summon tickets, and more. Some events will reappear after a while, so do not worry about missing out on some items after the event expires.

Fight in the coliseum from time to time

In “Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius,” players have the chance to fight in the coliseum to fight against monsters over several rounds.

They can also fight in an arena where they fight other players with their teams. If they win, they can get special rewards that they can use in the main story.

Check out the "Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius" trailer here: