Horizon Zero Dawn” is an open-world video game set in a post-apocalyptic Earth and has regressed back into the tribal days. Aside from nature being reborn, large animal robots roam the land where they terrorize the local tribes.It is an evolving game and recently The Frozen Wild expansion was announced, the Rollingstones reported a few days ago.

It is useful to know the full game so you can take advantage of expansions. Aloy, a huntress, the main protagonist searches for the truth of her origins and for revenge. Here is my review of this awesome video game about Hunting big robots.

A journey of self-discovery and vengeance

The journey alone is quite great, as it lets players visit different kinds of areas in the game’s world. They will meet different kinds of people who have very interesting personalities. They will also visit different ruins from the “old world” and discover that there are other factors in play here.

Aside from looking for her real origins, Aloy is also on a journey for revenge. She wants to punish those who have harmed her and her tribe that she now protects. She was once an outcast, but after proving herself she has become a strong huntress.

Aloy’s voice acting and animation looks a bit dull

There is one thing that I have noticed when cutscenes are playing and that is Aloy’s conversations with other people.

While the voice acting is well delivered by the actor, the way it was told is a bit dull and does not have much emotion. The animation of the heroine also looks a bit bland for my taste.

Aside from that one negative feedback, the graphical detail of this game is superb. Players will be able to see leaves sway in the wind, rippling waters, great 3D models, and awesome robot designs.

The facial animations are done well and syncs with the voice acting.

The music is quite good too, which evokes the tension in a hunting scene. Players will feel that danger is coming near when this particular music comes in, or elated when the happy tunes are coming from a bustling city. The sound effects like big explosions are done well and they feel realistic to listen.

Lots of fun hunting big animal robots

The best part of “Horizon Zero Dawn” is hunting for big animal robots that roam in every corner of the map. Players can explore all they want and they can visit friendly and enemy territories if they want. There are also different challenges that they can finish in order to get big rewards like materials, weapons, and money.

While the game is not a true survival type, hunting and gathering materials for upgrading weapons and equipment are great features. They can also finish some sidequests along Aloy’s journey and finish them to gain valuable rewards.

Taking down big robot beasts are challenging as well. Some are clever enough that they use stealth, some have tough armor, some shoot fire, and many more.

It is up to the players on how they can overcome these difficulties so that they can bring these giants down.

So many sidequests to do after finishing the story

The replayability value of this video game is high due to the tons of sidequests that players can undertake even after finishing the main plot. There is also the upcoming expansion that they can purchase in November which will expand further to the northern mountains. There will be more beasts to hunt, people to meet, and weapons and armor to collect.

Horizon Zero Dawn” is a fun game to play even if the main story is done, but they should really make Aloy’s voice acting, animation, and script better on later expansions or sequels. My verdict for this great game is an 8 out of 10 points.

Check out the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" E3 2016 Gameplay Video below: