Gun Media and Illfonic noticed the widespread occurrences of Team-Killing in “Friday the 13th: The Game” that has been abused by users across all platforms. Because of this, an upcoming patch will be rolled out that will no longer allow team-killing in the asymmetrical horror title.


Team-killing is a game mechanic intended to mimic life-or-death experiences into every game the player play. However, it turns out later that counselors are killing each other instead of waiting for Jason Vorhees to deliver the deaths. It is worth noting that the game developer in June introduced penalties for such act.

However, the punishments appear to have lost its bite as the surging numbers of committed players can reach the level 50 cap of the game. In the game’s level 50 cap, players have nothing much to do. Also, XP at this level does not mean anything. As a result, boredom triggers most of these players to do team-killing.

Upcoming patch

On the game’s official subreddit, it was announced that in the next patch of “Friday the 13th: The Game,” Public Games will disallow counselor team-killing by use of weapons against other counselor players. In addition, players will notice when the next patch rolls out that machete, shotgun, and other weapons will not have any effect on friendly players.

While the upcoming changes will eliminate the practice of team-killing, there are also major drawbacks.

Among this includes the car, which will remain as is. In the game, a car can run over and kill players. Aside from this, counselors will still be able to set bear traps that will cause damage to other counselors, which results in death. Interestingly, deaths caused by the car and the bear-trap will no longer give players an XP penalty.

The upcoming changes in the gameplay are expected to aid in pacifying the issues with griefers from spoiling public matches for the asymmetrical horror title.

This, however, will not affect the private matches of the game.


It is undeniable that the asymmetrical horror title has a long list of issues faced during its official release. In fact, until now there are still persistent issues that the game developer is trying to address. However, the horror title has raked a total of 1.8 million copies since its launch, which only comprises the digital copy of the game. There is a great chance that the numbers will still improve when the physical copy of the game is already released. “Friday the 13th: The Game” is playable now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.