“Grand Theft Auto Online” has been one of the popular online games today. Players can almost do everything in the game, which is almost similar in real life. Rockstar Games is also known to update the game regularly, giving it new contents for players to enjoy. Recently, Rockstar Games released a new trailer for an upcoming huge update for “Gta Online.” It is called the Smuggler's Run, where players will be able to take control of huge aircraft.

What is the Smuggler's Run

In Smuggler's Run, players will have their own aircraft, which will contain illegal items that cost a lot.

Players can also customize their plane. Due to this, fans are expecting that the game will have such creative airplanes. The Smuggler's Run update will also add hangars where players can park their planes. Hangars will also be the location where players can take different smuggling missions where they should use their planes. It is expected that smuggling missions that include the use of aircraft will reward players a lot of in-game money. However, “GTA Online” is known for its difficult controls in airplanes. Players can also see in the trailer that the player is being chased a lot by other fighter planes, making it more difficult to maneuver. The trailer also shows that there will be a mission where the character should rush to the area where they should deliver different illegal goods.

The Smuggler's Run will also remove massive police chase downs on the road. Players will also be able to earn money much faster with the use of aircraft as the road has tons of obstacles that eats so much time. The Smuggler's Run update for “GTA Online” will be released on August 29.

More big updates are coming to ‘GTA Online.’

Rockstar Games seems to bring tons of updates in “GTA Online” this year, as they also announced that they would release a new game mode similar to the racing game, “The Crew 2.” The upcoming game mode will bring a new kind of racing system in the game, where vehicles will transform depending on its current race tracks.

Cars can transform into boats, whenever it passes through a checkpoint where the next track is water. Players will also see their cars transform into a plane whenever it passes through a certain checkpoint. The game mode seems unrealistic for some, though it is believed that it will bring real fun for every player. Rockstar Games announced that they will release the new game mode this fall.