Gta 5 Online gets a brand new content drop in its latest update early this week, adding a new vehicle, adversary mode, and huge discounts on customization options.

New Adversary mode

Rockstar Games, on Tuesday, has rolled out another update for the massively popular “Grand Theft Auto Online” that offers a new adversary mode dubbed as Overtime Shootout – a modified version of Overtime Rumble.

In Overtime Shootout, gamers can drive a vehicle down a ramp and get it to land on a specific spot. Instead of all players doing it simultaneously, each player has a chance to do it without minding the others in this new adversary mode.

New vehicle

Interestingly, the latest update also introduces the HVY Nightshark, a modified version of the Nightshark that’s already in the game. In the latest version, the HVY Nightshark that now looks like the Kuruma has been upgraded with additional armor, notably with two front-facing machine guns.

It may be disadvantageous that the gun is mounted on top of the vehicle because it becomes less flexible, however, this could also offer a more suitable choice for players to wreak havoc with this armored vehicle.

Huge discounts and bonuses

The development team is also offering the Mobile Operations Center and its Vehicle workshop including the renovations at 25 percent less. Players can also avail of 25 percent discount on weaponized vehicles, M11 ammo and the Dewbauchee Vagner.

Apart from the big discounts, there are also bonuses like doubling the salaries for bodyguards and associates. But gamers should note that all these will only be valid until August 14.

New Premium Race

The first update in August also brings the Premium Race known as Mountain Drop that features bikes as the single vehicle option to use, with the Maze Bank Arena as the Time trial.

Just like other premium races, the Mountain Drop rewards triple RP to all and hefty GTA$ to the final 3. GTA$ and RP rewards are at stake as well when gamers beat the target time in the Time Trial.

In more good news, Rockstar Games continues to rake in additional revenue for its parent publisher, Take-Two Interactive, from “GTA 5” and its multiplayer mode.

It still makes a strong contribution to the company's financial earnings despite that the fact it was released four years ago.

For its fiscal year 2018 ending June 20, 2017, Take-Two recorded an increase in sales in comparison to last year’s performance combining the sales of "GTA 5 Online" with 2K video games like the "NBA 2K17," "Civilization 6," "WWE 2K17," and more.