It's been exactly one year since Hello Games' "No Man's Sky" was released on PlayStation 4 and PC. The action-adventure survival video game from Sean Murray received mixed reviews despite it being very hyped up before the game hit the Sony console and PCs. Throughout its one year run, the game encountered several challenges, but the team behind it is hopeful that the future is bright for "No Man's Sky." In fact, Murray took to their official website to share that update 1.3 is arriving this week and will bring some new content to the game.

Update 1.3 is titled 'Atlas Rises'

This week, "No Man's Sky" players can expect Update 1.3 to arrive, bringing with it improvements to the "central story" of the game. It will come for free to all players on both PC and PlayStation 4 and the patch notes will be published soon after the update goes live. For now, Hello Games promised that the update will focus on making the story even better for players, as well as adding "the ability to quick travel between locations using portals."

Sean Murray gets sentimental

In the note that creator Sean Murray published on the official "No Man's Sky" website, the developer waxed poetic on the "exciting, intense and emotional year" that was since the game was released on PlayStation 4 and PC.

He admitted that despite their silence, they have been "listening intently" to the users' feedback and using this to create a better experience for players. He also admitted that they might have "focused too much" on doing things to make the game better. Nonetheless, he praised the community for being "devoted" to the game throughout the past year.

ARG campaign launched

Earlier this year, Hello Games launched a new ARG campaign called "Waking Titan," which according to Gamespot was a live stream on Twitch. It also involved 16 audio tapes that included a specific set of characters that when decoded read the word "portal," PC Gamer reported. This all now makes sense, given that Update 1.3 titled "Atlas Rising" is all about the addition of portals for easier travel throughout the various worlds present in the game.

Hello Games said in the update that over 250,000 players from 174 countries have joined in to solve the mystery of the tapes through the Citizen Science Division, which players and fans have signed up for. There, players can share their thoughts and experiences on the game, resulting in "new friendships" and now, a "tight-knit community" that is the "No Man's Sky" family. Bookmark this page for more updates on Hello Games' Update 1.3 "Atlas Rising."