Overwatch” is a great game with simple mechanics. The game is divided into four classes: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Each has their own role to fulfill. While it’s almost always the Support’s role to heal their allies, sometimes they also turn to health packs scattered around the map. In line with this, YouTuber ZaziNombies recently uploaded a video showcasing real-life health packs that even lights up.

An impressive ‘Overwatch’ creation

YouTuber ZaziNombie is at it again with his impressive LEGO creations. This time, he created a life-sized Health Pack from “Overwatch.” Starting off his video, ZaziNombie stated that the item was crafted with approximately 850+ pieces of LEGO.

“Overwatch” Health packs come in two variations and the YouTuber created both the larger and the smaller versions. The bigger health kit comes with a handle, while the smaller one looks more like a vial.

Has a futuristic glow

ZaziNombie mentioned how he used translucent blue bricks to make up the front part of the health pack. For that stunning futuristic glow, the YouTuber also snuck in some blue LED lights inside. While you can’t actually use it to heal your health like in the game, the large kit can act as a night light or some form of lantern.

The power of health packs

In “Overwatch,” the gamers and their teams can make use of these health kits if they don’t have any healers on their team. Each map caters to a specific location.

Therefore, it’s best to memorize where they’re hidden. The small medkits restore 75 HP while its larger counterpart restores a whopping 250 HP. Ideally, health packs should be reserved for Support heroes like Ana so that they can keep the team alive. The larger medkits are better suited for the Tank heroes because the smaller vial-like versions will have little effect towards their large health pool.

“Overwatch” hero Sombra has a hack skill that can be used to manipulate health packs. Once hacked, that specific item will only be available to your team. Moreover, they will also spawn much quicker which makes it an ideal spot for 1v1 fights. It’s also better to use Sombra’s hacked medkits as they provide her with ultimate charge, thereby enabling her to quickly gain access to her EMP. The key to winning a match is by making the most of the resources available in the battlefield.

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