Destiny 2’, developed by Bungie and published by Activision, is one of the most-awaited games of this year. After the success of the first game, Activision has ensured that the new game does not suffer from the same problems that it did last time around. However, if the beta of the game was any indication, it seems to be turning out to be quite an impressive affair. In a recent earnings call for Activision, the company's CEO, Eric Hirshberg, revealed some details about the upcoming game.

What did Hirshberg say?

Hirshberg started off by claiming that his company had great faith in 'Destiny 2' and were quite happy about what it is turning out to be.

He also revealed the positive response that the game had received thanks to the beta launched some weeks earlier. The CEO said that the development cycle for the game was almost at an end.

There are several reasons for the company to expect great things from the impending game. This time around the game will be arriving for PC players as well. The first 'Destiny' was only launched for the console, which had not allowed it to capture the whole market. This time Activision will work with Blizzard’s service to bring PC gamers into the fray. The game will also be translated into many more localized languages than last time, giving it a global appeal.

Hirshberg revealed that the preorders for the upcoming 'Destiny 2' were also incredibly impressive.

However, what is even more surprising is that a large portion of the people who preordered actually ordered the premium version of the game, which comes with the base game and all its expansions that would be released in the future. He did not reveal how many expansions would be released by the company but did say that these DLCs will be extremely crucial for the game.

Importance of the DLCs

Hirshberg revealed that for Activision, 'Destiny 2’s' expansions were just as important as the base game. Last time, the company had not been able to offer the DLCs within a certain stipulated time, which had led to the expansions suffering and not selling as well as the main game did. This time, the company seems to have learnt its lesson and is taking extra care to provide better additional contents.

Activision has brought in other developers such as High Moon Studios and Vicarious Visions, apart from Bungie to specifically work on these expansions and added contents, so that the publisher can quickly launch these DLCs after the launch of the main game. This will allow it to capitalize on the growing demand of the market.