"Overwatch" hero Sombra is one of the most challenging characters to use in the game because of her kit. While other DPS heroes rely on taking down enemies, she sneaks to the back lines and disrupts her opponents through hacking. Those who have gotten her basics down should know how to navigate around maps and choose which health packs to hack. In higher ranks, Sombra becomes a bit more difficult to play, but she's still far from useless. With that being said, here are some advanced Sombra tips to help you pull through complicated games.

Pick your fights

Sombra has one of the lowest DPS outputs among the other Offense characters. The spread on her weapon is pretty large and she'll usually lose fights against others DPS heroes like Soldier76 or Reaper. However, she does have the capacity to kill other characters like Torbjorn, Lucio, and Zenyatta as she can still overpower them. When decloaking behind enemy lines, choose enemies you can kill if you plan to start a fight. There may still be situations where you can win 1v1 fights against other DPS characters, but it's always best to play safe and avoid dying.

Invisibility before translocating

When throwing your translocator during a fight, make sure you use her invisibility before teleporting out of your area.

Take note that whenever Sombra teleports, she doesn't actually move to where her translocator is until it drops on the floor. If you use her invisibility before translocating in mid-air, you can shake off your opponents more easily as they'll have a harder time trying to track you down. Similarly, you can also use this technique to quickly sneak behind enemy lines as they won't see you passing through the choke points.

Hack before healing

Sombra's ultimate ability, EMP, is one of the fastest charging abilities in the game because of health packs. Sombra can hack these devices to make them exclusively available for your team while charging at a much faster rate. Moreover, any injured members who use your hacked health pack will give you a good amount of EMP charge.

The same principle applies to you as well, so when disengaging from a fight and trying to find a health pack, make sure you hack it first. From there, you can even use the hacked device as some form of camp by throwing your translocator near it. Whenever you're in critical health, just teleport back to the health pack and grab some stamina while charging your ultimate ability.