Friday The 13th: The Game” has recently released the patch notes for the game’s upcoming update. While there is no specific date for the release of the patch, it gives players a glimpse of the changes and additions coming to the asymmetrical horror title. Among this includes more kill locations and solutions to team-killing.

Patch notes

The patch notes for the upcoming update of “Friday the 13th: The Game” are now available at the newly revamped website of the game. The social media accounts of the popular title will continue to posts several updates about the game.

However, Gun Media and Illfonic assure fans that the notes will be consistently found on the game’s new website.

All platform update

The upcoming patch will be released simultaneously on all platforms. This means that Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC all get the same update on the same day. The information was revealed on the Steam page of the game. This is great news for fans using various platforms to play the game. In the past, the patches and updates have been released at different times. This results in varying versions of the game on various platforms. Most often, the delayed release of the patch to other platform is due to certification that needs to be released first in order to deploy the patch.

Major changes and additions

The patch notes released by Gun Media and Illfonic make up a long and comprehensive list. However, here is a rundown of the major things that will massively impact the game. Among this includes the addition of three smaller maps. Each existing map will now also have one smaller map. With the patch rolled out, players will now have the chance to play on the six playable maps.

In addition to the maps, players now have more ways to kill. The upcoming update increases the density of the environmental kills across all the maps. Team-killing in public matches is officially out in this update. However, cars and bear traps still have the same effect. Aside from those, Jason can no longer be super blocked.

The upcoming update will no longer allow Jason Vorhees to be blocked through flare guns, firecrackers, and other projectile assaults.

Gun Media and Illfonic also revealed that the impending update will fix perks for spawning. It is noticeable that there are numerous perks in the game that are supposedly spawning items for players but were not functioning as such. The patch will get these perks fixed. Moreover, the upcoming update for “Friday the 13th: The Game” will fix bugs across all categories to avoid crashes and to foster a smoother gameplay.