The latest “Destiny 2” trailer released by Bungie has received positive reviews from fans and gaming sites. The footage shows the fast-paced action and the different classes that players will use in the second game installment. Interestingly, the game developer also gives the fans a glimpse of some of the popular Exotics that are in the original title.


While fans are excited about the new maps, missions, planets, and characters in the upcoming first person sequel from Bungie, there are also old things that fans are excited to see carried over in the upcoming title.

If the latest trailer is to be believed, it appears that some fan-favorite exotics will be carried over to “Destiny 2.”

There are a couple of scenes in the trailer that are reportedly suggesting exotic armor pieces and weapons from the original game are also in the second game installment. One shot from the trailer shows a Warlock equipped with Starfire Protocol exotic chest piece. Another scene features a Titan class with a Taikonaut exotic helmet. This information, however, is yet to be confirmed by the game developer.

Exotics making a comeback in the second game installment are already anticipated. It is worth noting that the game developer has not changed the game engine and it follows that there are a lot of contents from the original game that were left.

While there are many fans are delighted to see the old features coming back, there are still those who are not happy about it. There are players who are as early as now criticizing Bungie for recycling content. When the original game was released, the game developer received the same criticism, and other fans are expecting that there will be more of this in the upcoming sequel.


Earlier this week, Bungie released the latest trailer for its second game installment that highlights the game’s PvP battleground, The Crucible. It shows a series of cutscenes viewed from the first person to the third person’s perspective. It also features the Warlocks, the Titans, and the Hunters classes that players will play in the upcoming game.

Moreover, the trailer shows how each class differs from each other in terms of strengths and abilities.

Destiny 2” is slated to release on September 6, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be available to PC on October 24. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest trailer released by Bungie to get a glimpse of what you can expect from the upcoming sequel.