The most requested Single Player Mode of the asymmetrical horror title from Gun Media and Illfonics will be delayed. Currently, the mode has no definite release date yet. It appears that the previous statement from the game developer that it will be available in “Friday the 13th: The Game” after the Xbox One patch has been launched is not happening very soon.

Single Player Mode

Friday the 13th: The Game” has made an impressive feat in the gaming industry. Its success is evident in the community of players and a plethora of new video games memes.

However, the development process of the game is not as easy as anyone could think. Thus, the much-awaited Single Player Mode is not set for another delay.

On the official Twitter account of the game’s support, a fan throw in a question on when exactly is the single player mode of the game is going to be released. The support account confirmed that it is still a work in progress and so far, no official release date is in the timeline. The news disappoints many players who were assured that the highly anticipated mode will arrive in the summer of this year. With the month of August coming to a close, it seems that fans will have to wait in the later part of 2017 for the modes arrival.

While the delay is not yet official and good things could happen anytime.

It is worth noting, however, that the developer is now preparing for the release of the next update that will simultaneously roll out across all platforms. Unfortunately, the Patchnotes is now available and it reveals that the highly anticipated mode is not included.

Upcoming update

Among the contents of the upcoming update includes three additional smaller maps in the game.

It means that there are now six kill locations that players can explore. In addition, the developer reveals in the patchnotes that with the new update, Team-Killing in public games is now officially out. Most importantly, there will be bug fixes that will be deployed along with the update that aims to fix the game crashes and provide a smoother gameplay experience.

Fans are hoping that the long-awaited single player would be released before the year ends. One of the major reasons why Team-Killing has been very rampant in the asymmetrical horror title is because players are already getting bored. The Single Player mode could in a way give them a fresher way of playing the game. “Friday the 13th: The Game” is out now and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.