Gun Media recently released a statement about the heavily speculated release date of its next big patch for "Friday the 13th: The Game." The patch has been highly anticipated by the community. It is expected to launch a new playable Jason, a couple of Counselors, more kill locations, new skins and emotes to name a few.

Release details

A few days ago, a Redditor by the name FoukelPoint shared an alleged conversation between them and someone from Illfonic. According to the post the upcoming update of "Friday the 13th: The Game" will be released on August 24 or August 25.

However, the dates came and went without the highly awaited update.

On its official subreddit, a Gun Media team member by the name ThePraetorian posted a statement about the release details of the upcoming update. According to the post, although the company does have internal projections as a tentative target for the release of the next patch, currently there has been no definite release date. However, most of the time, because of unforeseen issues that surface during the development process, the internal projections often change. The developer added that the publisher would like to be 100 percent certain when giving out dates as it does not want to disappoint the fan base.

What’s in the works?

The post continues saying that the team is working quickly and hard to bring the next update to the community. The upcoming patch will ensure parity across all the game versions for consumer fairness. This will also provide a significant platform to update the game’s future content. In addition, Gun Media would like to make sure that the updates to all platforms will be released on a schedule that will be sustainable and will work for everyone.

The team is also working to lower if not eliminate the instances of the updates going to Steam/PlayStation 4 before it arrives in Xbox One and vice versa.

Illfonic and Gun Media should take time in developing it so as not to encounter more issues when it is finally released. The community would rather wait for an update that has lesser issues than the one that crashes the game when played.

Meanwhile, Gun Media and Illfonics have not revealed yet any update about the Single Player mode of “Friday the 13th: The Game.” Fans have long been requesting this mode since the game’s official release. With a big update coming soon in the game, it appears that the Single Player mode will arrive later than expected.