A new leak surfaced recently online revealing more details about Bungie’s second game installment. The leak came from a gaming website, which discloses the trophy/achievement list. In addition, it also unveils the name of the first raid in “Destiny 2.”

Latest leak

A new leak recently surfaced on the web containing the list of achievements and trophies that players will get for every accomplishment in the much-awaited game “Destiny 2.” It reveals that the first raid in the game is called Leviathan. Apart from this, the listing also shares that the Hard Mode or Heroic Mode, which was in the previous game installment in the raid, has a different name.

It is now being referred to as the Prestige Difficulty. The description says exactly the same as the mode in the previous game. It contains modifiers like the terms more frequent enemies and higher-level. It is worth noting that Bungie has changed the term of this raid in the upcoming game.

So far, the game developer has only released little information about the raids in the upcoming game. It has previously released a short gif showing six Guardians walking down a pathway. This gives the players the idea of the player count in the raid.


Bungie has always been very silent when it comes to the raids in the game.

The PvE activities upon reaching the endgame have been the greatest mysteries that players would like to uncover. In the previous game installment, players were given various challenges involving puzzle solving. There were also mechanic-loaded enemies and various types of encounters.

The game developer previously said that the raid will be available within the release window of the game.

However, the statement is quite vague and lacks specifics. Based on Bungie’s previous releases, the raids were released a few days after the game’s expansion was launched. If the developer is going to follow the same release pattern, then fans will likely get their hands on the raids after the game expansion was released.

The raids in the game will center on the concept that players build a place that they will believe is real, according to Bungie.

The concept is very vague that it can have a wide array of interpretations. Given that description, some fans believe that the Leviathan Raid in “Destiny 2” will center on a sea monster or, in other science fiction world, starships or space crafts. According to the speculations, the Red Legion has a fleet of ships and the raid would most likely feature a Cabal Ship.