Looks like "FFXV" fans that have been waiting to experience the hit action RPG (role-playing video game) on the go will soon have something to cheer about. On Tuesday, August 23, Game developer Square Enix announced "Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition," a mobile variation of the game.

'FFXV' on mobile device

Although Android is brimming with "Final Fantasy" games, only ports of old games are satisfactory. According to a report from Android Police, the "FFXV: A New Empire" spin-off is not even close to being considered as a "Final Fantasy" game. The recently announced mobile version, on the other hand, might actually be worth your time.

"FFXV Pocket Edition" will bring content from the "FFXV" to mobile devices, but that's not all, fans will be able to try the mobile variation of "FFXV" without shelling out even a single dime.

Although the story and characters of the current version of “FFXV” are carried over, a few key modifications have been made to various aspects of the game. Apparently, the game is given a chibi-esque new look in an attempt to give the game an adorable semblance.

New gameplay and trailer

Gameplay is not the same either and looks more like an isometric action RPG with casual touch controls readjusted for mobile devices. Moreover, the newfangled art style of the title is a major deviation from the console games.

Nevertheless, since the Pocket Edition of the game is confirmed to feature all the main characters and storyline from the console version, the Pocket Edition can safely be deemed as a mobile remake of "Final Fantasy XV."

On top of that, the game's controls have been fine tuned to work with a touchscreen interface, while retaining ample RPG depth.

The recently rolled out announcement trailer shows off "Final Fantasy XV” Pocket Edition’s version of the previous scene where the title's protagonist Noctis and his friends push the Regalia, which is in bad shape, to a garage.

Next, it shows Ignis has no problem cooking the gang a meal. Aside from that, the announcement trailers give us a brief glimpse of what exploring the world and combat look like.

The Pocket Edition of "Final Fantasy XV" will divide the main story into ten different episodes. "FFXV" fans will be able to get their hands on these later this year. The first episode will be a free download.

Apart from Pocket Edition's unexpected reveal, Square Enix made a slew of other surprising announcements this week. "Final Fantasy XV" is headed to PC and is slated to release in 2018.