Avid fans of The Sims 4 are elated now that the Pets DLC is official. Maxis has just released the announcement trailer for the Dogs and Cats expansion set to arrive in the popular life simulation title in November.

Via The Sims official website, Maxis finally announced the Cats And Dogs expansion pack for “The Sims 4” along with the reveal trailer. Check out the heartwarming video below.

It appears that the leaked pre-order listings that eagle-eyed fans spotted earlier on both the Czech and Slovakian retailer websites were indeed legit.

Fans are happy

Fans were simply elated to hear this delightful news on Monday night. They have been anticipating to play the long-awaited expansion since the game’s official release in September 2014.

Notably, it took three years for Maxis and Electronic Arts to finally confirm this returning feature in the current title of the franchise. Now, it's finally happening.

In the comment thread, the players stated their contentment over the addition of cats and dogs in “The Sims 4.” However, some also wish to see the return of horses, especially the ones who own one in real life.

But some believe that as the latest expansion pack is titled “Cats and Dogs,” it is plausible that other kinds of domestic and Exotic Pets might also arrive in the near future.

These include horses, small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, birds, and the like.

DLC development in final stages

In its official blog, the Sims team revealed that the development of Cats and Dogs is almost finished and now in the final stages in time for its official release in November.

Apparently, the team has been working on the expansion pack for a while now.

But it needs to keep its development under wraps until the right moment comes to spill the beans.

Returning features made better

The Pets DLC will see the return of Create-a-Pet and it is made even better than ever. Simmers can easily search for cat and dog breeds or combine two breeds to come up with their own unique mutt. Customization of pets is made simpler when one can add spots or use stencils for complex patterns.

There is also a set of costumes available for cats and dogs.

In addition, gamers can also let their sims become pet doctors and run their own veterinary clinic. They can employ staff, diagnose sickness or even perform surgery to save a pet's life.

Players in North America can now pre-order for "The Sims 4" Cats and Dogs expansion pack for a price of $39.99 on Origin. It is slated to arrive on PC and Mac this coming November 10.