Final Fantasy XV” was met with some harsh criticism back when it was released last year. Despite its beautiful graphics and open world, many claimed that the game felt incomplete and the plot felt rather lackluster. To compensate for this, Square Enix continues to support “Final Fantasy XV” through new updates and downloadable content (DLC). In line with this, they have just launched the beta for the multiplayer expansion of the game called Comrades.

Experience the fantasy with friends

According to Player.One, Square Enix has just launched the closed beta for the “Final Fantasy XV” multiplayer expansion.

You can download the file from either the PlayStation or Xbox Stores depending on your version, but keep in mind that only selected fans can play it. Keep note that you must have purchased the game’s Season Pass or Digital Premium Edition to gain access to the beta. You’ll also have to be an active PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriber to play online. The file size is 12.8 GB on the PS4 while it’s 13.86 on Xbox One.

In the expansion, you’ll be able to explore the land of Eos with your friends through your own avatar. You can create up to 8 customizable avatars and partake in various quests with up to three other players. For now, you can use shurikens, daggers, clubs, and katanas from Noctis’ arsenal in the open beta.

While the selection is quite limited at the moment, the full expansion will offer plenty of new sigils, weapons (like crossbows, shields, and polearms), attack patterns, and quests. Additionally, you’ll be able to play as Noctis and his other companions in the full version. Take note that Square Enix has yet to reveal an official release date for “Final Fantasy XV’s” Comrades as of now.

Latest Update

That aside, the game has also gotten a recent update that brought in the highly-anticipated Magitek Exosuits. The costumes were delayed as they closely resembled the Power Ranger uniforms. Now, the Exosuits are pure black instead of being multicolored and can grant some really useful buffs. These outfits grant Noctis and his friends a 30-minute invincibility buff one per day which is great when tackling touch quest targets.

That aside, the new update also brought in a new quest starter from Chapter 8. There’s also the addition of the Rush Link co-op system which allows for some powerful damage in combat. Finally, the Moogle Chocobo Carnival returns and will run until late September, so now’s the best chance to play it if you haven’t already.