D23 Expo is almost here and that means, Kingdom Hearts 3 fans are a week away from a brand new gameplay trailer, a new world reveal, and a possible Release Date news from Square Enix.

The D23 Expo is set to take place next week, starting July 14 up to July 16 at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. It's already confirmed that “Kingdom Hearts 3” will show up at the Disney-centric event after Square Enix opted out at E3 last June.

The game developer further announced in the surprise E3 trailer that a new gameplay footage and a new world will be revealed at D23 Expo.

But will it also announce the game's release date?

Release date news

Game director Tetsuya Nomura mentioned something that intrigued the crowd during the orchestra concert last June 12. Nomura talked in his native language but based on the translation, he told the audience that final information will be announced regarding the game at the D23 Expo.

From the look of it, the moment that many have been waiting for might finally arrive. This final piece of detail could be equated to the announcement of the game’s release date, which has already been kept a secret from fans for far too long.

There’s still no official release date set in stone for “Kingdom Hearts 3” and the latest chatter even tells fans that the wait might take a little while longer, perhaps in 2018 at the earliest, or until 2020.

But if a 2018 launching is anything to go by right now, then fans will most likely receive the release date news on July 15.

Lengthy gameplay trailer

Another brand new gameplay trailer will be shown again next week after the surprise E3 trailer was streamed at KH Orchestra Concert in LA last month. Interestingly, fan page KH13 reported that Nomura teased the fans to expect a lengthy sneak peek that will supposedly last longer than the one shown most recently.

In his interview with Famitsu, Nomura revealed that as he spoke, the development team was finalizing the editing of the D23 trailer. He added that it will be longer than the orchestra trailer and will unveil new elements that will meet expectations of fans.

Possible new worlds

Square Enix promises a glimpse at a new world in KH3 really soon, game fanatics start to also speculate what world will it possibly be.

The fan favorites include popular locations of several blockbuster movies from Disney universe such as “Frozen”, “The Jungle Book”, “Toy Story”, “Darkwing Duck”, “Wall-E”, and even Marvel worlds.

So far, the confirmed worlds for "Kingdom Hearts 3" include Kingdom of Corona (Tangled), Big Hero 6, Mount Olympus, Twilight Town, and Mysterious Tower.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” is currently in development for Xbox One and PS4 platforms.