The official announcement ofDragon Age 4” has yet to happen but a slew of hints and leaks suggest that it is already in the works. Interestingly, game director Mike Laidlaw brought some awesome news to the growing anticipation of fans for the next entry of the highly popular fantasy RPG series.

Trilogy on the cards

The game developer is currently tied up in the development of an all new Bioware IP Anthem.” But the game developer has some great news for the hardcore gamers of the DA series – a possible trilogy could be on the cards.

In response to a fan query on Twitter, Laidlaw teased the possibility of a “Dragon Age 5.” He wrote that the development team has an evolving plan of two games ahead so that hinted a possible trilogy.

He was also asked if there was a point in time when the team had set an ending for the series. The Bioware boss replied that there is no unplanned conclusion for Dragon Age.

On the optimistic side of things, this sounds awesome because it could mean that more installments will be coming out, even after the fourth game. But the downside, according to game analysts, is if the series suffers the “Mass Effect: Andromeda” debacle.

Sequel not a surprise to fans

Apparently, avid gamers of the franchise series were not surprised to hear the news of future DA games after the fourth title.

To recall, the developer released a “Dragon Age 2” DLC that featured the major villain in “Dragon Age: Inquisition.”

The Trespasser DLC was the epilog of the third game and those who played the expansion already have an idea that a sequel is forthcoming. An official announcement from EA and Bioware with a reveal trailer may still take some time.

But it’s no longer a secret that the studio has already started working on a new game other than “Anthem.”

Game writer Alexis Kennedy confirmed this piece of information a few months ago. Kennedy is currently on board as a freelance writer at Bioware. He is tasked to work on the playable segment of the story such as the characters, backstory, and the written dialogue.

Story to involve death

Kennedy is known for his distinct appetite when writing a story that mainly involves death with an element of dark humor. The writer mentioned that it won’t shock anyone if the story in the new “Dragon Age” game also revolves around this theme, which he referred to as “Kennedy stuff.”

“Anthem is slated for release in 2018 while “Dragon Age 4” does not have a release window yet. However, fans can expect the next game in 2019 at the earliest.