Final Fantasy XV” was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year, but never received any word of a PC version. It was previously speculated that the popular open-world RPG from Square Enix will be ported over to the PC platform. A few months ago, the publisher further teased their fans via a tech test with Nvidia but did not officially confirm a release window. Surprisingly, during the Gamescom 2017 tech fair, the company finally revealed information about the RPG’s release date for the PC.

'Final Fantasy XV' officially coming to the PC

PC gamers who have patiently waited for a PC port can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Square Enix officially confirmed the RPG’s release date as early 2018 for the PC platform. Additionally, the upcoming version of the game will be titled “Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition”, according to Game Rant. Moreover, the package will reportedly include all the free content and paid DLC initially available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the role-playing game. All of these after-market content will supposedly be included for free when the game comes out next year.

Post-launch support continues

Ever since it came out for home consoles, the RPG has seen several post-launch content updates from Square Enix. Their newest announcement aims to add multiplayer support, which will most likely allow players to control different characters at the same time.

PC gamers will also get to enjoy some of the perks not commonly found on game console versions. Features like support for HDR and 4K, which makes the upcoming version “the most beautiful and highest quality version” of the open-world RPG, says game director Hajime Tabata.

Nvidia technology makes the game even better

The PC port of the popular role-playing game is supposedly created with proprietary Nvidia tech and a newer version of the Luminous game engine used by Square Enix.

Details like smoke, shadows, fire, hair, and more should trump over the console version hands down. Nvidia’s Ansel photography tech is also expected to enhance Prompto’s photography feature in the game.

Digital distribution partners

As with any PC games, Square Enix has confirmed that “Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition” will be available via several distribution networks.

Digital game distribution providers like Origin, Steam and Windows Store will have the game available next year. The minimum PC requirements have not yet been confirmed as well as its price. However, since the game is expected to come with all the paid DLC expansions of the console version, players can expect to pay a higher price than usual.