Dragon Age 4” is going to be a massive AAA role-playing game and expected to be bigger than the last title to the hugely popular fantasy series. This is based on the latest development update coming from Bioware itself.

An AAA game

The Dragon Age franchise is among the big names in the video games industry from the game developer BioWare, and there had been three titles so far, with the multi-awarded “Dragon Age: Inquisition as the last title released back in 2014.

After rumors had churned online that the fourth game is in the works, Creative Director Mike Laidlaw confirmed that “Dragon Age” something is indeed in its pipeline for release at some point shortly.

Whether it is a direct sequel to the third game or a beginning of another new trilogy remains under wraps, however. But there is something that is certain at this time – it’s going to blow the minds of players as a massive AAA Rpg, perhaps the biggest yet in the series.

Development in early stages

News of the fourth game emerged from a set of subtle concept art teases from the development team back in January. Then came the viral Instagram post of voice actress Alix Wilton Regan in April.

Now, it’s official that the game has entered stages of production – a big one, it appears. The core team at Bioware Edmonton is currently head hunting to get talented people on board to focus working on this latest project.

But it’s not just any ordinary hiring as the studio needs to fill out 14 key positions such as cinematic animator, senior character and technical artists and the like. In his latest interview on the podcast show, “The 1099,” Laidlaw confirmed that he is hiring lots and lots of people. Notably, the influx of new jobs available right now shows a huge jump from previous listings.

A couple of weeks ago, Bioware also posted a job listing in search of 14 developers, although, it didn’t give specifics as to what project is tied to it. But the other 14 people mentioned above will be involved in the latest DA game.

At the moment, Electronic Arts is not yet revealing anything about the next projects of Bioware including the new and its upcoming ambitious online-based sci-fantasy game, “Anthem.” But from the looks of it, the fourth game is in early stages.

Unexplored lore

There are early fan theories supposing that Cullen, who was a non-playable character (NPC) in the last three games, will become playable and might serve as a companion to the new game’s protagonist.

Also, back in May, the new game writer Alexis Kennedy mentioned that Bioware gave him a full creative freedom to explore the untouched lore of the series. No prize for guessing but some reports suggest that “Dragon Age 4” will take players to the unexplored world of Tevinter.