Dragon Age 4” is real and it is currently underway for a yet unannounced release date. But while gameplay details are sparse at this time, interesting plot theories have begun to sprout from various online sources – fans and game pundits alike.

The latest theory is now hinting a storyline that could bring this possible new villain in the next game. But players should note that this is based on mere speculations and the what-ifs scenarios, so, it is advised to take these with a grain of salt.

Possible main plot

Currently referred to as “Dragon Age 4,” the next installment in the popular Bioware franchise is expected to center around Solas, the Elf character from the “Dragon Age: Inquisition.” But that is if the fourth game will pick up the events of the previous title.

Apparently, Solas was plotting a war with the world in order to save his race in the third game. Similar to the past three games, Bioware will again give players the freedom to choose decisions that will impact the final outcome or the ending of the game’s story, according to Daily Sun Knoxville. The site additionally noted Solas as a supporting character in Inquisition and how gamers were thrown into sorts of thought provoking challenges in playing the past games.

Three outcomes

Daily Sun Knoxville cited three plausible conclusive events that could pan out in the next title based on the players’ decision choices. First, players can opt to kill Solas to put an end to a threat of war. Secondly, they can take the side of Solas in order to save the Elven race.

The third possibility is to save Solas and the whole world from Elven invasion. This will give Bioware some lee way to add a new villain in the picture such as the Dark Elves.

It can be recalled that Bioware granted new writer Alexis Kennedy the creative freedom to explore a storyline in the lore that remained untold in the past three games.

So, Kennedy might actually see this as a refreshing and interesting twist to the plot.

Other fan theories

Fans and game pundits seem to agree that Cullen will now transition into a playable character in the fourth title. The Fereldan templar had been featured as a non-Playable Character (NPC) in a supporting role all throughout the Dragon Age video game series, however, he played a big part in the last game.

“Dragon Age 4” is now officially declared in development by Bioware as the next entry in the action RPG series published by Electronic Arts. It is expected to hit Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC but it is not known as of yet whether the studio will still provide support for old-gen consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3.