Fans have been impatiently waiting for a release date news and a gameplay trailer for the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy 7" Remake. But a recent clue from Square Enix hints that this might finally happen on September 7.

It seems that Square Enix is saving the Big Reveal of the remake for the right occasion. It could possibly get a similar announcement pattern of the massively popular “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

It was only recently when KH3 received an explosive sneak peek during KH Concert during E3 2017 and then another at the D23 Expo last month.

Big reveal on big occasions

Recently, the studio hinted to the curious fans as to when they can hear some information about the game. Producer Shinji Hashimoto first explained the real reason behind the scarcity of details regarding the progress on its development.

According to Hashimoto, Square Enix is usually inclined to make a big reveal at highly celebrated events and anniversaries of the company’s corresponding IPs. He was also quoted saying that for big games such as FF7 Remake, KH3, and the like, Square Enix has already established a development planning.

The producer pointed out that the studio needs to first look at the game’s progress in order to come up with the most exciting and significant pieces of details to the gaming public.

The clue

Furthermore, Hashimoto gave a clue on when an official announcement will likely take place. This year, Square Enix is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the "Final Fantasy" series, the 15th anniversary of "Kingdom Hearts," and the 20th anniversary of "Final Fantasy 7."

He said that the company is aware that fans have been waiting for some time now to see some concrete progress two years after its announcement at PSX 2015.

Square Enix also desires to show something new in celebration of a special occasion this year.

Why September 7

So, why would a big reveal happen on September 7? Apparently, it marks a significant milestone for the original game. It was the date when it was launched in North America 20 years ago. It might also fall on November 17 when the game was released in Europe in 1997.

But pending an official confirmation from Square Enix, it remains mere speculation at this time. “Final Fantasy 7" Remake is currently in development as an exclusive PS4 title. Square Enix stated earlier that the game will be released in three different parts to enable the team to add more features along the way.