The original “Destiny” started off as a messy game that featured a confusing story and not really a lot of end-game playability. Later on, as the game amassed a number of DLC expansion content, it started to feel a lot like the team-based shooter it was originally intended to be. Recently, during an earnings call with investors, Activision has highlighted the importance of expansion DLCs for “Destiny 2”. The publisher’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg, elaborates a bit on how they are looking a little further down the, even before the game comes out next month.

“Destiny 2” is projected to be a bestseller, along with its planned DLC

Activision’s, Eric Hirshberg points out to investors that “Destiny 2” has already received a ton of positive feedback. These optimistic opinions have been received from fans, first-time players, and even most critics. He wants to everyone to know that things seem to be going great for the sequel. It was even noted that the publisher currently has a “tremendous amount of confidence” in the game and its future DLCs. He even added that they “received almost universally positive feedback from both the press and fans alike.” It was also indicated that development is “continuing to close strong.”

A lot of factors contributed to their confidence

It is evident that Activision has already planned to make “Destiny 2” even bigger than the first game.

They have made the decision to tap into the very lucrative PC gaming market. To attract the platforms players, the developers have in a way designed the game to play and look its best on the PC. The publisher has also localized it for more territories than before and partnered with Blizzard Entertainment with their established service on the PC.

It seems like they are going the extra mile to make the game’s launch a big success for the company, the players, and the especially their investors.

Pre-order performance

Another important factor that should further boost their investor’s confidence is the “very strong” pre-orders for the sequel. It seems that a lot of gamers have even gone for the premium versions inclusive of the season pass for its future DLC expansions.

Special edition versions have also been an “overwhelmingly high percentage” of their pre-ordered items.

Setting things right

Their experience with the original “Destiny” and its DLC expansions has prepared Activision for “Destiny 2”. Based on feedback from their fans, the developers were not able to keep up with the demand for more new content. Therefore, in preparation for the sequel, the management has already tapped developers like High Moon Studios and Vicarious Visions to help Bungie out this time around. With their promise of more story content and a bigger world with several unique adventures to dive into, “Destiny 2” is positioned to become another successful title for 2017.