Now that almost every fan of Bungie’s sci-fi online shooter got to play the open beta for “Destiny 2” last week, the developer has shifted its focus back to market the game. One of their latest promotions involves a pre-order bonus that included player emotes, Ghost shells, more in-game treats, and a new exotic weapon. Their latest trailer showcases the new firearm called Coldheart, which is labeled as a trace rifle. The weapon’s blue light beam appears to live up to its namesake and prompted fans to speculate a new element type.

Rumors quickly shut down

Obviously, speculations of a surprise element type fired up a lot of “Destiny” fans. Prior to the Coldheart pre-order trailer, rumors have been already claimed that there might be a new element featured in “Destiny 2”. However, Bungie quickly stepped in to clear any confusion that might have been caused by their promotional video. The new weapon apparently belongs to the energy slot and fires arc-type beams. It is a focused arc-damage rifle that deals more precision damage the longer it is held. Unfortunately, its handling becomes more erratic over time while in use.

Weapon lore shared by developer

The Coldheart is reportedly designed and manufactured by Omolon, which is one of the in-game weapon makers featured in the original “Destiny”.

The manufacturer apparently discovered a process to integrate arc-energy and liquid-cooled ammunition that can be fired as a linear beam that deals massive damage to a target. Furthermore, its namesake reportedly comes from the tubes that lead into four chambers toward the center of the weapon, which is likened to the four chambers of the human heart.

Unfortunately, Bungie did not share further details about its perks.

Other exotic weapons featured in the demo

Gamers who participated in the open beta for the “Destiny 2” also got a chance to play with other exotic firearms. Users who played as Hunters got to play with the Sunshot, an exotic hand cannon that features solar damage and explosive rounds.

Warlocks received the Riskrunner arc-based exotic submachine gun a new weapon subclass added to the sequel that fires chain lightning rounds once certain requirements are met. Lastly, Titans are given the Sweet Business auto rifle with a large 90-round magazine that automatically loads kinetic ammo pickups.

Pre-order numbers are doing very well

Activision seems to be pleased with the strong pre-order numbers for the sequel. It is quite welcome that Bungie continues to sweeten the pot with more bonuses like the Coldheart. Other notable pre-order items include a physical fidget spinner that features the “Destiny” logo. The other is a special Ghost shell that tracks the player’s number of kills in both PVE and PVP. “Destiny 2” is slated to launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6. The PC version launches a bit later on October 24.