Supercell revealed that it is currently playtesting a cool new game Mode for "clash royale" and will introduce daily tasks in the game’s next Update. If speculations are any indication, the game will likely get a new update around early October.

Addition of daily tasks

This latest news came out from a recent Q&A with the game developer, hinting the possible addition of daily tasks, other features, and changes in the next update for “Clash Royale.” This sounds quite an exciting development for the fans.

While some believe that daily tasks should have already been featured in the game back before now, it looks like it will finally arrive in 2016 for the hit freemium mobile strategy game.

This new feature will surely entice players to play the game on a day-to-day basis in order to gain additional loot and great rewards.

Cool new game mode

Supercell is also currently playtesting a cool new game mode that will also likely arrive in the next big update. The development team didn’t delve into specifics about this new mode, however, it is not certainly the bracketed tournament system, which will most possibly make its way to the game at some point in the future.

No leaderboards, trophies for 2v2 mode

However, fans cannot expect to see the inclusion of leaderboards or trophies for now in the 2v2 mode but it will be likely included in the near future. Supercell said that it intends to make the 2v2 mode stress free for the players.

In addition, the next update could also bring more ways for the players to add friends, something that will not depend on external links to do it. The team is also looking into improving tournaments but these won’t be part of the upcoming update.

Next update release date

Most of the members of the Supercell team are currently on a forced summer vacation as mandated by Finland summer vacation law.

Thus, gamers can look forward to the next update to arrive around early October.

The Summer of 2v2 ran for 32 days from June 30 until the end of July. It brought five different draft challenges and reached its final conclusion this week. During the last week of this special event, Double Elixir Draft Challenge went live as the fourth of the five 2v2 challenges that were set in the game.

The last one called Cannon Cart Draft Challenge let players unlock a Cannon Cart. It is a single-target troop with a medium range, in Arena 10 at a cost of five elixirs. Developed and published by Supercell, “Clash Royale” is available as a freemium mobile strategy game for iOS and Android devices.