The release of the highly anticipated "Destiny 2" from Bungie fast approaching, and now is the season to participate in the game's Beta. In fact, this August 28, players on PC will get a chance to play the game, which developers have already tweaked based on the console beta feedback they've received. According to Polygon, millions of players participated in the console beta and the studio has received some meaty feedback that would potentially make the game even better. Bungie recently took to their blog to share that they "learned a lot" from the players who participated in the beta and that "Some of these learnings will be on display in the PC Beta."

New matchmaking rules in full effect in PC beta.

One major change that will be noticeable in the "Destiny 2" beta for PC later this month is the new matchmaking rules.

The studio has opted to have parameters based on whether the players are participating in a Quickplay or Competitive game. This time, it's the player's speed and not his or her skill that will be the gauge on how they can search for Quickplay games. This means that players will have to wait for a shorter period of time, but they will have to go up against opponents who are better or worse than them. For those who choose to go into Competitive play, the game will select an opponent who is closer to the player's skill level.

PC beta addresses glitches

Aside from gameplay changes, the upcoming "Destiny 2" beta for PC will also feature fixes for some glitches that were experienced in the previous beta.

According to Gamespot, such glitches include the Infinite Super Glitch, in which Infinite Supers function properly until a player loses an eye. The Warlock Glide Glitch has also been addressed by Bungie, almost regrettably. They've also fixed the Infinite Grenades Glitch, as well as the problem with the Warlocks' Melee Range.

Bungie implements tweaks in PC beta

There are also several tweaks to be expected in the upcoming "Destiny 2" beta for PC, as Bungie shared that they've "globally reduced the time it takes to charge your Super" and increased grenade damage in PvE. Players will also notice that there have been an increased power ammo drops in PvE.

The "Destiny 2" beta for PC happens on August 28 for players on PC. Meanwhile, fans of the franchise should watch out on September 6, when the game drops on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will arrive to PC this October 24.